Norbert Bechteler
Type of system
Installed capacity
150 kW

Norbert Bechteler - Photovoltaic

Norbert Bechteler (36) and his family live on an idyllic farm, set in the hills of the Allgäu. People living there consider values like neighbourliness and regionality to be very important. In addition to running a small agriculture business with horses and 70 dairy cows the Bechtelers offer holiday apartments. The newest addition is a treehouse hotel with four neat little huts build into the surrounding trees. The Bechteler's farm has its own power source consisting of photovoltaic modules, that are set on the roofs of the main house and the stable. Part of power output of about 150 kW is used by Bechteler family in their household, or by machines in the stables. And for electric heating in the treehouse hotel – which is greatly appreciated by the guests. The Bechtelers share about 80 kW of their photovoltaic power with the sonnenCommunity. Beside the extra earnings, the idea of generating energy locally and sharing it with your neighbours, made a lot of sense to the Bechtelers. This shows that the traditional way of life harmonizes very well with the possibilities of a digital and decentralized energy production.