Christoph Schön
Type of system
Installed capacity
58 kW

Christoph Schön - Photovoltaic

Christoph Schön and Matthias Berkmiller installed their 58 kW photovoltaic system in 2008 when the feed-in rate was still high and power consumption not an issue. For the two farmers the system on the roof of their stables was not just a good source of extra revenue, but downright ecological.

When they heard about the sonnenCommunity, they were fascinated by the idea of not just feeding their power into an annonymous grid, but sharing it with their neighbours with whom they are connected. With his PV system he is able to supply 12 households with clean energy, Christoph Schön tells us. That may not sound like much, but if you look at the surrounding farms and notice that most of the roofs are equipped with PV systems, you begin to realise the great potential.