Success story with a sonnenBatterie

“Our main reason for installing a sonnenBatterie was to be more energy independent. After experiencing ongoing power outages we wanted to make sure we could keep the lights on ourselves.” 


Nevada is one of the sunniest places on earth and as a result has been leading the nation in solar installations. Recent changes in utility fees for solar customers have made it less attractive to go solar. However, by adding a sonnenBatterie smart energy storage system new and existing solar customers in Nevada are seeing better economics for generating and storing clean energy to minimize their use of utility power. 

Kyle Wallace and his wife, residents of Henderson Nevada, are one such household, who see the sonnenBatterie as a key to reaching their goal for powering their home with clean energy and gaining greater energy control. “You don’t get better sun than we do in Nevada making PV ideal. With the utility’s changing acceptance of solar, it made sense to add a battery with our PV in order to capture more of the power we are generating with our rooftop solar system.”    

“We like being at the front end of an energy revolution,” said Kyle about his decision to add the sonnenBatterie smart energy storage system to their home.  “My wife likes the idea of saving money by generating our own power. My number one goal for installing solar plus storage was to become more energy independent. It’s about having an emergency backup plan because in Nevada when the power goes out you have lots of problems.”

By combining a 3.71 kW rooftop PV system with a sonnenBatterie eco 6 (6kWh) smart energy storage system, the Wallaces found the perfect solution to meet their family’s combined desires to save money, keep the lights on and become more energy independent. "We’re comforted by the idea that we’re creating our own power supply so in case of an emergency we can still make food and keep our perishables cold using clean power.”

About Radiant Solar Solutions

"We decided to become the exclusive sonnenBatterie distributor in Nevada because sonnen has more installations across the world than any other battery on the market.  Their product is tried and tested.  It's not just a theory or a concept." - Kevin Romney, Co-Founder of Radiant Solar Solutions.

At Radiant Solar Solutions, we are a growing company that honestly cares about our customers. Our team not only helps you decide if solar is right for you and custom designs your system to your needs. When our customers go solar, they feel confident in their decision and are as excited about the project as we are. We are one of the leading solar companies in the southwest with over 200+ installations in Nevada alone. Learn more about Radiant Solar Solutions. 

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